Santa Monica – Radon Testing



A potentially lethal gas, radon is the result of the radioactive decay of uranium. It seeps up from the soil naturally, and according to the California Department of Public Health, almost 9% of homes in Santa Monica contain risky levels of radon.
Environmental Inspection Services will send our radon inspectors, certified by the National Radon Proficiency Board, to evaluate any hazard posed by radon in your home. Once the two to three day Santa Monica radon test is concluded, we will use the reading from our electronic testing tool to guide you in solving any radon issues that your home may have.

How old your home is does not change the amount of radon present – this depends on the home’s location and some details of its construction.
According to the EPA, the chances are low from the fourth floor and up.
Most likely not. Environmental Inspection Services follows EPA guidelines that call for evaluating the rooms with the highest radon risk – the lowest in the building will be the site of your Santa Monica radon test.
Doing your own test could yield accurate results, but our skilled radon inspectors will provide a Santa Monica radon test whose results you know you can trust.

Radon tests involve 48-72 hours of constant radon testing by a Sun Nuclear Corporation 1027 radon meter.

Once the EPA suggested 48-72-hour radon test is done, the results will be immediately available.
Environmental Inspection Services can furnish guidelines, but to remain unbiased cannot actively deliver radon removal.
Perhaps, but radon is frequently spread out and not a consistent presence in an area.
While Santa Monica is not a particularly high radon city, we advise a Santa Monica radon test for hill-located houses.
A radon test is advised during renovations that affect any below-ground rooms, including basements.