Santa Monica’s Los Angeles County – Asbestos Inspection



Asbestos consists of fibrous minerals found in the Earth. It was employed in many building materials for fireproofing and other uses until 1978, when the EPA banned numerous asbestos-containing substances. However, many were left unregulated and are still legal to manufacture and sell. This means that any home, regardless of when it was constructed, may contain asbestos. The risk is elevated for homes built prior to the 1978 regulations – this includes more than 3 out of every 4 homes in Santa Monica’s Los Angeles County.

State law requires that all buildings, including those in Santa Monica and Los Angeles County, be treated as though they contain asbestos when performing any work on the structure unless an asbestos test verifies its absence. Environmental Inspection Services’ California Division of Occupational Safety and Health Certified Asbestos Consultants can take the samples necessary to determine whether asbestos is a factor, including testing ceiling texture, asphalt roofing, flooring made with vinyl, stucco, and insulation. We will help you comply with all laws and regulations required when doing construction in Santa Monica and Los Angeles Country.

Mesothelioma, asbestosis, and cancer, especially lung cancer, are all possible consequences of asbestos exposure. CDC summary:
An asbestos inspection will provide you with the documentation needed to acquire Santa Monica and Los Angeles County building permits and meet the South Coast Air Quality Management District regulations that cover Santa Monica and Los Angeles County.
Prior to any demolition or remodeling, the South Coast AQMD and CAL OSHA, as well as local Santa Monica and Los Angeles County rules, require an asbestos inspection to be performed. Environmental Inspection Services will conduct your Santa Monica or Los Angeles County asbestos test and help you comply with all regulations.
The process differs for remodeling and demolition projects. If a structure is being demolished, all substances that may have asbestos in them are tested. For remodeling, only the materials in areas that will be involved in the construction must be tested for asbestos.
Our lab tests only require a sample of less than a teaspoon, so there is minimal disturbance of the material.
Santa Monica and Los Angeles County regulations, as well as South Coast AQMD and CAL OSHA, set requirements for the quantity of samples that we must collect. Contact us with information about your building to get an idea of the number of samples we would take for your Santa Monica or Los Angeles County asbestos inspection.
No, you can stay in your home while we conduct your asbestos inspection.
Different types of popcorn texture have varying chances of containing asbestos – as much as 50%. Environmental Inspection Services will test your ceiling and create a report detailing whether you need to take steps to eliminate asbestos from your building.
Unfortunately, the presence of asbestos cannot be discerned by the naked eye. We will use Phase Contrast Microscopy or Transmission Electron Microscopy to test for asbestos.
Our prices are based on the specifics of your building and the number and type of samples required. Contact us with information about the work you need to get a cost estimate.
It is very likely that your building contains asbestos if it was built before 1978, as 77.4% of homes in Santa Monica’s Los Angeles County were.
A full residential survey usually lasts from two to four hours. Duration varies for larger commercial structures, so contact us about your building for more information.
If you need our report immediately, a special service can return results in a day, otherwise the report will be ready after two to three business days.
The small fibers that make asbestos dangerous may still remain after the material is removed.
As California-certified Asbestos Consultants, we are barred from also providing removal services. This rule prevents conflicts of interest and provides unbiased inspection results.