Los Angeles County – Asbestos Inspection



The incorporation of asbestos into construction materials, most commonly insulation, popcorn ceiling textures, vinyl materials, stucco, and asphalt roofing, was pervasive up to 1978, when many of its uses were outlawed. Despite these regulatory efforts, some asbestos-containing substances are still used, and contaminated products still remain in existing structures. For instance, in Los Angeles County 77.4% of homes were built before the anti-asbestos rules were put into place, meaning there is a high likelihood that those homes have asbestos.

Due to this danger, the law requires that for any work to be done on buildings in Los Angeles County, an asbestos inspection be done. Environmental Inspection Services will send asbestos consultants certified by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health to help you follow all regulations and furnish you with a full report.

Yes. Asbestos is linked to many ailments, including asbestosis, lung cancer, and mesothelioma. See the CDC assessment: http://www.cdc.gov/niosh/topics/asbestos/
Construction work, such as remodeling or demolition, may disturb materials that contain asbestos. This is why the South Coast Air Quality Management District, CAL OSHA, as well as the state and Los Angeles County, set an asbestos inspection as a prerequisite.
Environmental Inspection Services will conduct an asbestos test on any substance that may be damage by your project. If you are remodeling, our asbestos inspection will be confined to that area, whereas demolition will require inspection of all portions of the structure.
We use a minimally invasive method of asbestos testing that needs less than a teaspoon of sample.

Sampling requirements are outlined by regulatory agencies. For a better picture of what we would need with regard to samples for a building in San Francisco County, contact us. 

The asbestos test poses no threat to your health, so feel free to stay home.
Varying popcorn ceiling textures can have as high as a 50% chance or as low as a 1 in 15 chance of having asbestos. Call our number and we can conduct your definitive Los Angeles County asbestos test.
Yes. The absence of asbestos can only be verified by Transmission Electron Microscopy or Phase Contrast Microscopy.
Our rates are dependent on your home or building and vary. Reach out to us for an approximate cost for your Los Angeles County asbestos test.
If your home is one of the 77.4% in Los Angeles County that was constructed before 1978, the likelihood is very high, and it may contain asbestos even if it was built after that date.
A home inspection in Los Angeles County will generally be from two to four hours. Duration varies for other structures, so contact us for an estimate.
Turnaround on lab results of asbestos tests is two to three business days. 24 hour results can be arranged via special request.
Asbestos can create health issues because of its small fibers, which can be left behind after the substance is taken out.
Per state law, asbestos consultants are not allowed to also offer abatement, because this could create a conflict of interest.