San Francisco – Radon Testing



Exposure to radon is a serious health risk, and Environmental Inspection Services can assist you in avoiding it. Only smoking is a greater cause of lung cancer than radon, making knowing that your home does not harbor unhealthy radon levels vital. Using an electronic meter, our National Radon Proficiency Board certified inspectors will conduct your San Francisco radon test, giving you the information you need to avoid dangerous radon levels.

The California Department of Public Health found that almost 3% of residences in the San Francisco area have high radon levels, and our San Francisco radon test will find out if yours is one of them. Once your San Francisco radon test is complete, Environmental Inspection Services will describe what actions you need to take and how to take them.

Newer homes are not less likely to have high amounts of radon, as the source of radon is the ground beneath the house itself.
If you are living on or under the third floor, the EPA counsels getting a San Francisco radon test.
Radon generally seeps in on the lower levels of a structure, which is where we will conduct your San Francisco radon test.
Test kits can be bought online and in brick and mortar shops, but there is no substitute for our impartial and experienced San Francisco radon tests.

A Sun Nuclear Corporation 1027 radon testing device measures the amount of radon in your home for 48 to 72 hours.

We will radon test for the EPA-recommended two to three days.
We will explain what you can do based on your specific situation, though to maintain impartiality we cannot remove your radon.
It may, but radon can appear in only some places in a given area.
San Francisco residences on hillsides tend to have radon more than flat residences.
A radon test is a good idea if your basement or any subterranean area is involved.