Beverly Hills – Mold and Moisture Inspection



Mold, dust mites, and microbes thrive in moisture-rich surroundings. Their presence can lead to health hazards for you, and the moisture itself can cause damage to your home or building. Whether you are buying a home or want to ensure your health in a building you own or live in, Environmental Inspection Services is ready to assess problem areas in your structure and find sources of moisture.

We can find mold and moisture wherever they hide in your Beverly Hills building or home. Our search may encompass any attic or basement/crawlspaces, air conditioning and ventilation, and appliances, as well as outdoor drainage. All of these are possible conduits for moisture intrusion and mold and bacterial growth. Routes of mold and moisture intrusion can be mapped via infrared thermography.

Environmental Inspection Services, if any issues were identified, will provide a remediation plan, though we cannot perform the removal ourselves as this would be a conflict of interest.

Almost any type of mold can pose a health risk, not just black mold. Once we have completed your Beverly Hills mold inspection, our report will outline whether a regular contractor or handyman can get rid of it, or if the services of specialists are required.

In addition to often being insufficient to treat the mold problem, this only addresses the symptom, and not the cause of the mold infestation. Further, it can allow mold spores to get into other areas, and may create a bleach smell.

Possibly, but some mold problems can be solved by a general contractor or handyman. The report from your Beverly Hills mold inspection will specify the standards and protocols that should be followed when removing any mold we find.

Technically they can, but providing both inspection and removal of mold means that they have an interest in finding mold problems that they would then be paid to remediate. This is a conflict of interest. By contrast, Environmental Inspection Services can offer an unbiased inspection – our only interest is in providing the most thorough Beverly Hills mold inspection possible. And with our decades of experience, we will catch things non-professionals will miss.

Our lab is equipped to confirm or disprove the presence of any variety of mold that you specify.

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