San Francisco County – Asbestos Inspection



In 1978, after it became apparent that asbestos exposure could lead to deadly health problems, the EPA established regulations that kept asbestos out of most building materials. However, some substances are still permitted to contain asbestos. For this reason, if any work is to be done on a structure in San Francisco County or elsewhere in the state, an asbestos inspection and test must be carried out. This process is especially important if the structure was put up before the 1978 rules came into being, as the vast majority of homes in San Francisco County were.

To help you comply with these regulations, Environmental Inspection Services offers affordable, comprehensive asbestos tests. Our asbestos consultants, certified by the California Division of Occupational Safety and Health, create a report that will put your mind at ease and satisfy all regulations that apply in San Francisco County.

Lung and stomach cancers, asbestosis, and mesothelioma are among the health problems tied to asbestos. The CDC has more information at:
Our report will supply a comprehensive view of the asbestos or lack thereof in your home or building, which you can use to apply for permits and follow San Francisco County, CAL OSHA, and Bay Area Air Quality Management District guidelines and regulations.
Because CAL OSHA, the Bay Area AQMD, and San Francisco County require it, you should call us for an inspection if you plan to remodel, demolish, or conduct any other construction work.
The scope of the construction determines the scope of the inspection. Limited remodeling jobs will only necessitate inspection of the areas and materials involved. Full-scale demolition will cover a greater variety of substances and require asbestos testing of all areas of the structure.
Our samples only need a dime-sized amount of material or less.
Sampling requirements are outlined by regulatory agencies. For a better picture of what we would need with regard to samples for a building in San Francisco County, contact us.
Yes. Asbestos testing does not create a health hazard for you.
Get in touch for a San Francisco County asbestos test of the ceiling texture. Ceiling textures with a sand base have as low as a 1 in 15 probability of containing asbestos, while bigger textures can carry a 50% probability.
The small fibers that make up asbestos mean that Phase Contrast Microscopy or Transmission Electron Microscopy are needed to verify or disprove its presence.
Because every building is different, we cannot offer a standard price. Call us with your building’s specifications for a rate estimate.
Over 85% of homes in San Francisco County were built before 1978 and are very likely to have been built with asbestos-containing materials. Newer structures have a lower probability but still may harbor asbestos.
While the time it takes to conduct an inspection of a commercial building varies, most San Francisco County asbestos inspections can be inspected in two to four hours.
Lab results will be ready after two to three business days. Expedited results can be provided if necessary.
The dangerous asbestos fibers can still be there even if the material is removed.
We are prevented by state law from offering asbestos removal in addition to asbestos inspections and asbestos tests. This removes the possibility of a conflict of interest.