Palos Verdes – Radon Testing



Palos Verdes is a particularly high-risk area for elevated radon levels because of its hilly landscape – radon gets into houses from the ground. The California Department of Public Health estimates that about 1 in 4 homes in the Palos Verdes area is contaminated with this carcinogenic gas – the number two leading cause of lung cancer after smoking.

Environmental Inspection Services’ National Radon Proficiency Board-certified radon technicians can help you protect yourself and your family from radon. Our Palos Verdes radon tests involve deploying a radon testing device and having it take readings over several days. At the conclusion of the radon test, we will inform you as to any steps that are necessary to take to deal with radon.

Because radon emanates from minerals in the ground, the age of your house is not relevant.
The EPA instructs that a Palos Verdes radon test is not needed if your residence is above the third level.
For the most part, radon is a risk in the deeper sections of a building. Your Palos Verdes radon test device will take its measurement in that location.
You can, but conducting your own test may not be as accurate as a Palos Verdes radon test administered by our veteran and objective inspectors.

We will place and activate a Sun Nuclear Corporation 1027 radon tester, which will provide a radon reading after forty-eight to seventy-two hours of sampling.

The radon test lasts 2 to 3 days, as the EPA advises.
To prevent conflicts of interest, Environmental Inspection Services does not abate radon, but we will take your unique position into account and give you a plan to end the hazard.
Palos Verdes is a high-risk neighborhood for radon, but the presence of radon in one nearby house does not mean yours has it as well.
Palos Verdes has a very high incidence of radon, especially if your home is built on an incline.
Radon is more likely to be present in the lowest areas of the home, so you should get a radon test if a basement or underground area is part of the renovations.