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When purchasing a home, the buyer wants the full inspection picture. Regular house inspectors are not trained to fully evaluate potential environmental hazards. Environmental Inspection Services gives you a clear impression of the problems and quantifies exactly what it will take to fix them.


A rapid screening of the property, designed to provide a brief overview –checks for four common environmental problems in older homes: asbestos, lead paint, moisture/mold problems, and indoor air quality.


Environmental Inspection Services checks for the causes of moisture intrusion and determine whether moisture is a past or ongoing problem. If it’s ongoing, we’ll tell you how to eliminate it.

Mold/Fungal Growth:

Environmental Inspection Services inspects for the mold/fungi caused by this moisture. It’s important to investigate the extent and severity of the infestation to determine whether it needs professional cleanup.


Asbestos was used in over two thousand building products up to the early 1980s and it is still even used today. For a pre-purchase inspection, Environmental Inspection Services checks to see if there’s a problem with ceiling texture, furnace duct insulation or vinyl flooring.

Lead-based paint:

Lead-based paint was commonly used until 1976. Exposure to lead can cause significant health problems, especially in children or pregnant women. Environmental Inspection Services will determine whether further inspection and/or testing is needed.


On-site testing is often requested by home buyers. Our radon devices stay in place for 48 to 72 hours, after which the results are immediately available.