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• Indoor Air Quality
• Allergy Testing
• Asbestos
• Escrow
• Lead Paint
• Mold & Moisture
• Radon


If you are worried that the indoor air quality in your home or business is unhealthy, if you’re trying to track down that mysterious odor or worried about that water damage, if you’ve heard about radon and VOCs (volatile organic compounds, including formaldehyde) in the air — we can track down common — and not-so-common — sources of indoor air problems.

Remediation Plan and Verification

If your building has mold we will guide you through every step necessary for cleanup. If professional remediation is needed, we are trained to create a cleanup plan and do post-remediation verification to ensure that your living/working environment is safe.

Renovation and Air Quality

We perform our asbestos and lead paint surveys prior to remodeling. Whether you plan to paint or do a full remodel, we can help ensure that your home air quality is not affected by regulated contaminants, asbestos, lead paint, or radon. We are fully qualified and registered to help you comply with local governmental rules.

Our Associations


Environmental Inspection Services works with homeowners, buyers, contractors, architects, real estate professionals, condo associations, tenants, landlords, businesses, doctors and patients. We help to ensure that the air you breathe at work and at home is not adversely affected by building problems such as ventilation, contaminants, or construction issues.