Environmental Inspection Services is ready to aid you in minimizing the risk posed by radioactive radon gas in your Beverly Hills home. The California Department of Public Health discovered that an estimated 6.4% of houses in Beverly Hills harbor increased radon levels, and our National Radon Proficiency Board certified inspectors can find out if yours is one of them. Via an electronic measurement machine, we will carry out your Beverly Hills radon test over a few days, and make clear what needs to be done if there is a danger from high radon levels. 

Whether your home is new or old does not influence radon levels, rather, the build site is the main variable.

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You are probably not at risk on any floor other than the first, second, and third, as guided by the EPA.

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The EPA advises that your Beverly Hills radon test be carried out in the bottom rooms of your home.


Environmental Inspection Services’ Beverly Hills radon tests are performed by our state-certified and experienced testers, giving you confidence in the results that you will not have from a self-test.

Construction workers

A radon test is carried out via a Sun Nuclear Corporation 1027 radon testing tool, which will deliver a measurement once its 48 to 72-hour testing period is finished.

As soon as the two to three day EPA-regulated radon test period is done.


As that would be a conflict of interest, we will not. Instead, Environmental Inspection Services will make clear a complete plan for remediation.

Though you could be, radon can be in some places in a neighborhood and not others.

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Homes in Beverly Hills that rest on a gradient are disposed towards increased amounts of radon.

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We urge you to test for radon when performing any work on your basement or any underground parts of your residence.

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